Indoor Plant Design Trends

It’s been quite a few years now that houseplants have been the interior design rage, and that seems to be continuing.

Everyone likes the idea of cleaner air in their home, and bringing the outdoors into your home is good for your health. Plus, they’re just pretty. As with anything, plants have their trends. The fiddle leaf fig was big for several years, and its time in the spotlight is coming to an end (although no shame here…I still love mine and luckily I have managed to keep it alive). But for all you lovely people who are ready to get on board with the plant craze, or those of you who just want to add more to their collection, here are 5 “new” plants to try out, and where to put them:

Try an umbrella tree in your living room

More and more people are investing in mature plants for their statement-making presence and their clean-air superpowers! The fiddle leaf fig tree had mixed reviews, some people loving theirs (like me) and some people saying they’re really fussy. But if you are looking for a new idea on what kind of indoor tree to put in your living room, try an umbrella tree! This plant, technically called Schefflera arboricola, looks tropical, but has a symmetry to it that makes it look almost floral. It’s fairly easy to take care of, and only needs partial sun. There are many different sizes and varieties to choose from, so I always advise clients to consult with their local greenhouse or plant nursery to get the best advice pertaining to the particular plant they are considering.

Try hanging some dried greenery or flowers on your bedroom wall

If you don’t want to deal with keeping another thing alive, try drying flowers and herbs for a pretty visual interest and a beautiful smell. I am all about lavender, thyme, rosemary and other herbs and flowers with interesting shapes. Of course, when you dry them, they will shrink, but these heartier ones will retain their general shape and you can decorate shelves, trays and walls with these babies. Plus, they’re super easy to dry yourself, so give it a try!

Try a fern in a wooden planter box in your kitchen

I am super excited about the return of the fern. I’ve always loved them for their intricate and delicate leaves, and for the visual softness these plants bring to a room. The kitchen is a perfect place for some greenery, and the texture and warm color from a wooden planter would be a nice contrast to all the smooth, shiny surfaces that you normally find in a kitchen. You can often even find them growing outdoors, dig them up and put them in a planter.

Try hanging a Heart Leaf Philodendron in your office

In case you haven’t noticed, the past couple of years have been hanging planter central. I’m guessing you may even have some of these already. So why not try hanging these in your home office, above your desk area to brighten up the room and enhance feelings of calm focus. A great plant to put in these is my little friend, the heart leaf philodendron.

Try an air plant in your basement or a room with low light

Think outside the terrarium. Air plants are “the new succulent” and they are suuuuper easy to take care of. This is coming from the gal who has killed several cacti in her life. All ya need is some indirect light and some air flow and you’re good to go. That’s right…no soil needed. Sure, mist them occasionally, but you don’t even need to water them on a regular basis. You can put them in a cup, a wall vase, on a small tray, or even attach them to a pegboard to add a little pop of green.

Consider your location

Different plants grow well in different locations. Even though we’re talking indoor plants, consider your growing zone as it can still impact your plants. When we provide interior design in Jacksonville we’ll often use much different plants than for our clients up north in Ohio. If plants are near windows, it’s nice for them to tell like they fit in with the plants outside.

Try what you like…

I like to follow the trends but I don’t always buy what’s trendy, and I never buy a plant I don’t like the look of, just because it’s all the rage. All things in nature seem to have a timeless aspect to them, so don’t worry about investing in a plant that will “go out of style.” Go with what you like, and you’ll never get tired of it. If you’d like to discuss interior design or need an interior design consultant, reach out to us for a free consultation.