Our Core Design Process


STEP 1 Orientation
We start with a phone call and an initial site visit to talk over all of the details of the project and physically walk through the areas you want to transform. We will ask lots of questions pertaining to your aesthetic preferences, what is working for you, what isn’t, and how you envision the final product.

STEP 2 Project Opening
We then take all of that information and prepare a custom proposal for your project, with all details scoped out. We believe a well-defined scope is the foundation of a good design plan. Once you approve, we open the project and dive deeper.

STEP 3 Creative Calibration
We know you are busy, so we have consolidated this step into two meetings. One meeting is a vision-forming meeting to make sure we understand your preferences and lifestyle. The other meeting is where we arrange for all of the teams & trades involved to gather the details they need in one day to provide you with quotes.

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STEP 4 Conceptual Design & Budgeting
During this step, we create a design concept, floor plan and an initial budget. We discuss this and make sure you love the concept and are comfortable with the space plan and budget.

STEP 5 Technical Design & Presentation
After the concept is nailed down, we fully develop the design, creating 3D renderings, custom drawings, and elevations. We also source and specify all fabrics, finishes and furnishings that we propose for the space. We will present all of our plans, renderings and samples, and work with you to make sure you love everything before moving forward with any execution. We allow 1-2 revisions, and once everything is approved, we prepare all technical documentation needed and we jump into the third and final phase.

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STEP 6 Purchasing
During this step, we place all orders. After order placement, we will review the budget to ensure we are on track to meet your budget and discuss unforeseen factors.

STEP 7 Ongoing Inspection
Around this time, we will also schedule out all of the contractors and additional team members needed for renovation, repairs, building, etc. It is during this step that we are overseeing all construction work and receiving and inspecting items that we ordered.

STEP 8 Production
During this step, we do final furniture installations and style the whole space to put those finishing touches that make all the difference!

STEP 9 The Reveal!
This is THE day. You get to see your space as it was meant to be and it. is. awesome. But…we are also realistic, and nothing in the world is perfect on the first go-around. We will walk you through the space and anything that isn’t quite right, we will (if we haven’t already) note it, and we will deliver solutions.

STEP 10 Project Closure
Once you are fully satisfied with your newly transformed space, we present any remaining invoices, discuss any questions you have, and deliver to you an organized binder with all of the information you need to maintain your space and to live and work easily and happily within it.

"This process should be illuminating and enjoyable for everyone involved."