Our Residential Interior Design Services

We believe your home is a sacred place, and the impact of design on your life is huge. When you walk into your home, you should feel inspired and nurtured. Your home should serve you, and is a tool in helping you reach your goals. Whether those include entertaining guests, being more creative, carving out time to read, forming healthy habits or teaching your kids about life – your home can, and should, play a part in helping you achieve those goals.

We also understand that life is busy, and designing a home is hard. New builds, renovations, and even designing one room can be intimidating, and keeping track of all of the little details can send even the most organized of people into a panic. At Gem and Clay, the design and details are our things. We have clear and thorough systems in place to keep everything and everyone organized. It is with this structure in place that we can be free to create real, beautiful, hard-working spaces for your life.

Design for New Construction

With our design for new construction services, clients will experience our fully custom, luxury design process from start to finish. This is perfect for those who have decided to build from the ground up, who want something created that is fully-custom for their lives and they do not have the time or energy to invest in managing the design to completion.

Design for Remodels & Renovations

We offer full-service, custom design for remodels and renovations, including bathroom remodeling, kitchen renovations, historic renovation, minor remodels and additions. We can provide bespoke design from the architecture phase, all the way to furnishing and completion.

Design Refresh

Our design refresh services cover projects requiring only cosmetic changes (no demolition) such as paint, furnishings and decoration. This often involves finding and procuring new furnishings and accessories, reupholstering or refinishing existing pieces for the space, re-imagining paint colors and wall coverings and consulting on new window treatments.

This interior “facelift” is perfect for the client who wants to update a few rooms or a main level while keeping the existing hard finishes and built-in features of the space. We will guide you through our core process, providing design and project management services for a complete…and completely fresh look and feel.

We offer full-service design, meaning we fully manage the project from start to finish, as well as more flexible options for clients wanting to handle certain parts of the project on their own.

Design Consulting Services

We call our consultation services “Design Sessions” because these aren’t just to get acquainted with you and your project (although they do help with that, too). These working design sessions will help you gain clarity and give you direction as it relates to the design of your home. We can help you pick paint swatches, plan out furniture for a room, look through products with you to help you choose the best ones, help you measure, or just offer solutions to all those little design conundrums that you can’t seem to work out in your space.

Our design sessions work best for clients wanting to do their own design and management, but need the help of an expert to decide next steps, to bring another layer or knowledge to your project or to get past that sticky design situation.

Interior Styling

Few things are more precious in this life than pictures of the ones we love, and your home can provide a beautiful backdrop for those photos. We offer home styling for family and lifestyle photo shoots to add even more beauty to those special moments captured on film.

What’s I N S I D E Counts.

At Gem and Clay, we are guided by our refined process and our design philosophy:

Inspiration can come in many different colors, textures, and shapes, but the aim for my designs is to inspire in a way that is meaningful, beautiful and fresh.

What nurtures you may be different than what nurtures your neighbor, but I always strive for comfortable and inviting designs that make people want to spend time in the space.

Your preferences for how your home can best serve you are just that…yours. My designs must not only be beautiful, but work well when you are in them, moving around and using them every day.

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