Gram Creek New Build

This two-year-long design-build project included full-service interior design from the ground-up on a 9,000 square-foot residence on eight acres in Ohio. We partnered with Schill Architecture and Old World Classics to design and build this modern, European-style residence in an area known for its beautiful nature and rural historic charm. The goal for this new construction project was to design something that didn't look like a new build, honoring the history of the land it occupied, yet felt fresh and ready to evolve. Photography by Allison Joy Smith.

Our approach to new construction always starts with looking back. We considered the history of the lot and the nature of the landscape to create the perfect footprint and aesthetic for this home. The goal was to create a home that honored history, yet remained aware of its youth. French and Modern-Italian design elements guided the interior architecture of the space, while Danish furniture and English design elements were layered into the space for warmth and depth.

The end result was a rich and layered home that instantly felt lived-in, yet fresh. This truly custom estate is poised to evolve with family and friends, entertain guests, and provide refuge and inspiration to all who enter.

The Mission

I want to create meaningful spaces where people are free to flourish, free to escape, free to create and free to live life the way they want to live life.

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