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At Gem and Clay Interiors, we use your goals to drive our creativity, while maintaining our same foundational principles of good interior design. We understand that profit is key, and we believe businesses are more profitable when their employees and customers are inspired, nurtured, and served well. Whether we are designing a coffee shop, doing visual merchandising for a boutique, designing the interior of a corporate office or creating custom sets for photo or video shoots, we aim to infuse your brand’s personality into an environment that inspires your customers, nurtures the talent of your employees, and serves the purposes of your business. Read on to learn more about the specific services we offer.

Full-Service Commercial Interior Design

We offer full-service commercial interior design to businesses ranging from technology companies to boutiques, and whether we are redesigning, renovating, or tackling a brand new build-out, we are excited to talk to you. Give us a call today to learn more about our commercial design services.

Interior Design Consulting

Want to add an interior designer to your team without adding them to your staff? We offer ongoing hourly consulting to help your business on an ongoing or project-by-project basis. Call us today to book a one-time design consultation or to discuss rates and estimates.

Photography Set Styling

Gem and Clay partners with photographers and businesses to style interior photo shoots across the country. We handle sourcing, design and styling of photography sets for small to large businesses.

What’s I N S I D E Counts.

At Gem and Clay, we are guided by our refined process and our design philosophy:

It’s imperative that our designs inspire the employees working within the company and all who visit. We aim to do that through reflecting the company’s brand and personality in beautiful and modern ways.

A company is comprised of talented individuals, and we do not underestimate the importance of nurturing that talent. We create environments in which people feel comfortable and free to do their best work.

All businesses strive to run like a well-oiled, profitable machine, and the environment plays a huge part in that. The spaces we plan and design must meet the company’s needs in very real and practical ways.