OuterBox Headquarters

This commercial design project included doing a full build-out of the third floor of the historic Kaiser building in downtown Akron, Ohio. The space was designed for a web development and marketing agency and needed to accommodate 50 employees. The office needed 2 conference rooms, 2 smaller offices, a kitchen and an open-concept workspace. Photography by Allison Joy Smith.

The space was designed around OuterBox’s branding in a primarily modern style, but it is anything but minimalist. The use of bold colors throughout the office brought life to the space and the space planning promoted collaboration and creativity. On the other hand, we made sure to keep plenty of the character and soul of the building. For example, we left the moulding and the original color on the doorway from the hallway, and we added two antique doors from an old suit store to to the owners’ offices.

Since the original design of the office, the company has tripled in size and now occupies the second floor of the building as well. Employees enjoy the open atmosphere that this colorful, modern space affords, and clients enjoy visiting.

Our Mission

I want to create meaningful spaces that inspire, nurture and serve the humans in them, whether those humans are customers or employees.

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