Holistic Interior Design

holistic interior designHolistic interior design, sometimes called wellbeing design, is an approach to interior design that is chiefly concerned with supporting wellness of the mind, body and spirit of the people that inhabit the space. Holistic medicine considers and treats the whole person, rather than the symptoms alone.  Holistic design considers and creates for the whole person (mind, body, spirit), rather than space’s form and function alone. A traditional approach to interior design considers how visually appealing a room is and how usable it is. Going a little bit deeper, a designer will even consider how a room “feels” to the inhabitants. Holistic interior design takes it a step further. This type of design ensures the room or area actually promotes the physical, mental and spiritual health of the people who live and work within. Holistic designers will use their knowledge of color psychology, Biophilia, environmental psychology, human biology and ergonomics, among other areas of study, to design environments that look pretty, function well, and actually make you healthier.   It’s no longer weird and woo woo to talk about our spiritual health or to take time to care for our minds and bodies. Just consider the popularity of yoga, or all of the studies marking the importance of rest and meditation. Hospitals across the country are even using essential oils and aromatherapy  to treat a myriad of issues. Now, this isn’t to say that your interior designer can cure a terminal disease or that you don’t need a doctor, you just need a designer. This is simply acknowledging that our environments affect far beyond what we can see or even feel, and it is entirely possible to leverage this knowledge, holistically, for our wellbeing. You can have a home that supports your health. You can have a company in which the environment allows its employees to flourish. You can build a business that draws people to it because they feel stimulated and rejuvenated.   interior lighting design

Holistic Interior Designers

Professionals who identify themselves as “holistic interior designers” tend to use practices such as biophilic design, sustainable design, Feng Shui, and universal design. Some may specialize in color design or lighting design. Most holistic designers have a combination of several of these disciplines. At Gem and Clay Interiors, we apply principles taken from many of these practices into each design. Through our knowledge of lighting design, color psychology, and aromatherapy, to name a few, we create environments that are optimized for your overall wellbeing. Our primary aim at the end of the day is to design environments that inspire, nurture, and serve the human beings that occupy the space.


  We view interior design as an investment into your wellness – just like buying a gym membership or buying organic produce. Our process lends itself to a holistic approach and the initial step of identification is used as a guide for the rest of our design. To learn more about our full-service interior design process, or to talk to us about how we can optimize your environment for the whole you, please give us a call at 216-356-6768.

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