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Allison Smith – Owner & Interior Designer

Proud to serve Orlando, Florida, Gem & Clay is an interior design firm offering services for both residential homes and commercial building. Our team focused on transforming homes from “typical” spaces and turning them into a home that “wows”. Every day you walk in your home it should feel like a sanctuary, designed in a way that’s clear – a professional designed the interior. Our team is excited to talk with you about your projects, goals, timelines and more. Talk with us today to get a free estimate and consultation.

Our array of interior design services cater to the Orlando area, including:

  • Interior Designs and Layout Planning
  • Optimizing Space Utilization for Maximum Efficiency
  • Selecting and Arranging Furniture
  • Designing Lighting
  • Material Selection and Finishes
  • Custom Cabinetry and Built-in Solutions
  • Window Treatments and Coverings
  • Curating Artwork and Decorative Accents
  • Efficient Project Management

Meet our interior design team

Let’s Make Your Interior Design Project a Success

Did you know that your homes interior has the ability to transform your mood, productivity levels, and create space where your family feels “at home”? At Gem & Clay our goal is to create a space that friends and family enter, look around, and say “I wish my home felt like this!”. The interior of your home as the ability to blow people away, create an experience for them every time they are over – feeling like an escape from the boring, mundane, and typical home.

What does the interior design process look like?

We start by setting up a talk to talk on the phone or come to your home and learn more about your goals and what you’re looking to accomplish. We’ll talk budget, timeline, and the services your looking to utilize. We offer everything from full-service (we handle every pieces of the project!) to individual services, such as furniture selection, paint plans, mood boards and more. After talking through the details of your project we will provide you with a detailed price and timeline estimate for your project.

When kicking off your project we’ll talk in even more detail about your design preferences, our ideas for your space, and learn more about you and your family. We’ll also work through your current inventory of furniture, art, decor and other items that you would like to incorporate into your space. Our team then gets working! The first piece we’ll present to you will be mood boards that visually show how each room will feel, incorporating fabrics, textures, colors and lighting.

After approving mood boards we move into designing your spaces. We’ll do multiple rounds of presentations, showing you exactly what each room will look like, even getting into 3D life-like modeling when necessary. We can build animations of walking through your home, which is especially helpful for new builds. When the designs are approved our team works in connection with the contractors to manage the project, talking that burden off your plate. We’ll develop plans for the contractors to work off that outline, to the inch, walls, trim, lighting locations and more. Contractors praise of detailed plans as it makes their job much easier, keeps your cost down, and eliminates having to redo work or go back and fix issues. Our goal is to create a streamlined process to get your home done as quickly as possible.

When construction is complete we’ll get to the installation phase where you bring in your new furniture, decor and accessories, completely styling and transforming your interior. Many clients love to spend a few days away while we complete this process, returning to a reveal that always amazes!

Designing in Orlando

Working with clients in Orlando, Florida is always treat as it’s just a quick drive from our NE Florida office. The diversity of Orlando helps us to draw inspiration, from neighborhoods like Thornton Park, College Park, and Winter Park, Orlando offer a wide array of architectural styles. We also work in other cities throughout NE Florida with a team of interior designers in Jacksonville.

Please contact us to set up a time for us to come visit your location. We’re excited to learn more about your home and talk with you about how we can design an interior that inspires!



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