At Gem and Clay, we are guided by our philosophy on what makes good design, which is built around the existing beauty that is connected with a space. We find our inspiration…that treasure trove of potential, and we sculpt an environment around that.

We are inspired by things from the past and the lives of the people who inhabit the spaces we design. Everyone has a unique style and story, and it’s exciting when we can tell that story for a client. We draw from our own clients’ histories and then apply our inspirations from art, architecture and fashion. We bring soul to a building by layering in pieces of old and new and creating contrast in each room.


A beautiful space inspires you, leading to endless growth and enrichment. A comfortable and inviting space nurtures you. A well-considered space saves you precious time and precious energy…two resources that we all could use more of. So yeah…we view interior design as kind of a big deal…like one of the biggest. An investment in an environment that inspires, nurtures and serves us is one of the wisest ways we can enhance our lives.


Dedicating ourselves to completing a well-designed space requires the utmost attention to detail and the clearest communication. Until that last stem is placed in its container, we aren’t finished. Our mission with every project is to deliver a bespoke environment with depth and style, and to do so in a way that…let’s be real…doesn’t make you hate your life along the way.