Our Philosophy


At Gem and Clay, we are guided by our refined process and our philosophy on what makes good design : one that inspires, nurtures and serves.

Inspiration can come in many different colors, textures, and shapes, but the aim for my designs is to inspire YOU in a way that is meaningful, beautiful and fresh.

We are inspired by things from the past and the lives of the people who inhabit the spaces we design. Everyone has a unique style and story, and it’s exciting when we can tell that story for a client. We draw from our own clients’ histories and then apply our inspirations from art, architecture and fashion. We bring soul to a building by layering in pieces of old and new and creating contrast in each room.


What nurtures you may be different than what nurtures your neighbor, but I always strive for comfortable and inviting designs that make people want to spend time in the space.

We like to harness the power of nostalgia and nature to make an environment cozy and, beyond that, healing. We believe the energy of a space should protect and rejuvenate you. Simply put, it should improve your life.


Your preferences for how your environment can best serve you are just that…yours. My designs must not only be beautiful, but work well when you are in them, moving around and using them every day.

A well-considered space saves your precious time and precious energy…two resources that we all could use more of! We believe an investment in a well-designed environment is one of the wisest ways we can enhance our lives.

"Good design should inspire, nurture and serve. What's inside counts."