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So you’re among the brave souls who have decided to take on a renovation! At Gem and Clay, we love a good remodel, whether it’s a small job or a full, gut-renovation, we’re among the brave, too, and we’re up for the challenge. One of the most rewarding things in design is being able to re-imagine an already-built space, often-times packed full of history, and see it be re-built into something totally different. We offer custom design for all size remodeling projects, from new flooring, lighting & furnishings, to historical renovations and down-to-the-studs remodels. We also provide design for new additions. Types of remodeling projects include:

Bathroom Remodels
Kitchen Remodels
One room or whole-home remodeling
Minor Remodels
New Additions
Historic Renovations

We offer design for remodeling projects in two ways:


Full-service means we fully manage the project from planning & concept to final styling and installation. We guide you through our core process of clearly identifying all aspects of your project, creating a custom design, developing the details and executing the vision in a way that leaves you feeling calm, supported and inspired. We create original designs, produce the drawings and documentation, work with the tradespeople, deal with procurement and ensure a beautiful and complete installation at the end.

Full-service is right for the client who desires a simplified process and values a truly custom space. We work hard to be artists and allies to our clients, guiding them through what should be an enjoyable and enlightening process to a space that inspires, nurtures and serves them. Since each renovation is unique, this service requires a custom design proposal.


A design retainer offers a flexible solution to those wanting to remodel their space alongside our team, but prefer to manage certain aspects of the design or timeline on their own. We offer design in the form of blocks of time that can be used as needed, to work on the design and completion of the space.

Our remodeling design retainers are right for the client who desires more control over certain parts of the process, such as acquiring samples, procuring furnishings, coordinating tradespeople on their own or managing the timeline. These blocks of time are also appropriate for clients who would like to retain our design services as a means of as-needed consultation throughout the duration of a project.