Soft Retreat Bedroom

This bedroom had some beautiful details that needed to be accentuated with a new paint job, all new furniture and decor. We also updated the ceiling fan to make a very traditional bedroom more contemporary. The goal was to create a relaxing space that was airy and light, but not too stark.

The contemporary furniture chosen for this space still had traditional details to tie it into the colonial architecture. We added some light texture in the drapes and blankets to soften hard lines and inserted some small touches of modern to further update the room without pinning it to one specific style

The result was a space that promoted rejuvenation and provided a refuge. The subtle colors added interest without sacrificing the light, airy quality of the room and plenty of space for family photos gave the decor depth and meaning.

The Mission

I want to create meaningful spaces where people are free to flourish, free to escape, free to create and free to live life the way they want to live life.

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