Designer for a Day: We Design, You Execute

So you’re at the point where you understand why you should hire an interior designer and the value they can bring to your life. You are looking ahead at your project and thinking, “If I could just get someone to envision the whole thing and give me a plan for what to do, I think I could get this done myself.” It sounds like you’re in the right place to hire a designer for a day. This package doesn’t mean we deliver a design in 24 hours….it means you get to partner with a designer for a day, where you can pick their brain while they prepare to create a truly unique design for you. Then, they go back and create that space for you, hand it over to you and you run with it. This is great for organized and motivated individuals who like to manage projects, but who want to partner with a designer to create the vision and a plan. The ideal size project for this package is one room or area of your home.

It all starts with a phone call to talk about your project. Once we determine that this package is a good fit for you, we will send you a proposal and go from there. Here’s how it works:

1. We schedule the consultation.

If everything looks great on the proposal, we do our sign-off and schedule the first meeting – your in-home consultation! The fee for this service is a flat fee, with half due up-front (and the other half is due before delivery of the design packet).

2. We do the in-home consultation

We will send you a detailed questionnaire that we ask you to fill out to the best of your ability before our meeting. On our appointed day, we meet in your home to talk through your questionnaire, we do a walk-through of the space you want designed, and we take all relevant measurements. This meeting can last up to three hours and we will leave equipped with all of the information needed to create a design concept for you.

3. We plan and present the design to you

After our in-home consultation, we go back to the studio and get to designing! We will plan the space out for you, create a design for your space based on your needs, preferences and budget, pick out products for the space that would be ideal, and provide you with some guidance as to how to style the space once everything is delivered. We will then schedule an in-person meeting to present our design and gather any feedback. The length of this step can vary based on the size of your space and our project pipeline, but we typically like to schedule our presentation 2-3 weeks after the in-home consultation.

4. We make sure you love it, and we deliver the roadmap to you!

After the presentation meeting, we take all feedback into account, tweak the design accordingly, and deliver a full digital design packet to you. We like to think of our design packets as roadmaps to successful completion and a transformed space. Our design packet includes:

– Detailed consultation summary (including measurements of the space and main furnishings for the purpose of creating a floor and furniture plan)
– To-scale 2d Floor plan with furniture layout
– Sourcing of major furnishings (from retailers)
– Sourcing of main accessories
– Digital design board with sketches, fabric & color specifications & specific sourced products
– Product shopping list with links
– Room styling guide

If our Designer for a Day Package sounds right for you, give us a call at (216) 356-6768 to talk about your project!

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