Furnishing & Styling


This upstairs bedroom was transformed into a light-airy, floral nursery for a baby girl. The nursery had to include several sentimental items, as well as needing to grow with her into toddlerhood. Cool, light gray walls and pretty shades of peach were used to create a feminine, but not over-the-top space to hold all of her meaningful pictures, art and items. Black and white brought contrast and interest to the space, and whimsical pillows and prints added that final, essential quirkiness. The final product was a flourishing dreamland for sweet baby girl. With its pretty colors and calming atmosphere, this room successfully served as a timeless space for memories and growth.


INTERIOR DESIGN & STYLING: Gem and Clay Interiors
PHOTOGRAPHY: David Berlekamp

Meaningful design begins with the treasure that already exists.

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