Classic Whimsy Playroom

The formal sitting room for this young family was an unnecessary and unused space, so the goal of this project was to transform an outdated formal sitting room into a whimsical playroom that would appeal to a boy or a girl, and kids of various ages. The room also had to flow well into the adjacent dining room and had to have enough storage solutions to hide toys.

The space leaned more towards a traditional style because of the wood blinds and the crown moulding, so we modernized it by mixing fresh, modern prints, clean lines and plenty of white to brighten the room up.

The end result was a modern, whimsical place to play, while still being fun to look at from the dining room or foyer. And when the fun was over, there was plenty of space to stow away toys and all of the random items that kids tend to accumulate.

The Mission

I want to create meaningful spaces where people are free to flourish, free to escape, free to create and free to live life the way they want to live life.

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