Bold Wallflower Home Office

This project was primarily a decorating project. The office already had beautiful built-ins that we needed to keep. The goals were to make it look more updated, add personality, and add even more storage for the family’s various hobbies and files. Photography by David Berlekamp.

We brought some eclectic flair to the office’s traditional style built-ins with bold color and wall decals that offer the look of vintage wallpaper. To further emphasize a vintage vibe, we added a painted kitchen table from the 1960s and an antique clawfoot chair reupholstered in a parisian floral print fabric. We added tons of pretty storage, plants, decor and labeled everything.

The details of this office made it anything but boring, making it a place people want to work in. The environment became bright, airy and happy.

The Mission

I want to create meaningful spaces where people are free to flourish, free to escape, free to create and free to live life the way they want to live life.

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